Who doesn’t love Biscuit?: Visual Assignment

When I saw the “Your love for your pet” assignment I knew I had to make a collage of my dog, Biscuit.

It should be evident that I love my dog through my many posts about her. Biscuit is a yellow lab rescue who is 11 years old! My family adopted her when she was 6 years old and every day since then she is the princess of the house!

Biscuit is our only dog and she likes it that way. She will tolerate other dogs but gets jealous at the attention they may recieve (she wants to be pet all day long!).

Sadly, Biscuit recently got diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis so she has trouble breathing. She takes pills and had to stop going on walks. One good thing about COVID is that I can spend more time with her which she loves!

I used the app “Pic Stitch” to create this collage. I included some cute pictures of her on New Years, in the snow, and even on my yoga mat this morning doing her own pose!

I hope you enjoy these pictures! This assignment relates to the theme of “our story” because Biscuit is a part of my family and I have been spending alot of time with her during COVID!

A collage of Biscuit the yellow lab

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