Where’s my record deal? : Imagine/Yellow Audio Final Project


Inspiration and Story

For my final project I am telling “our story through the pandemic” with Rosemary and Maddy. We are making a cover of a mashup of Imagine by John Lennon  and Yellow by Coldplay. We are aiming to tell our story as college students and our journey through the pandemic. For more explanation and details read my “Final Project Goals and Plan” post

As I explained in my goals post, one of the aspects of my final project is to create an audio mashup of the songs mentioned above. I love playing and making music. Throughout this semester I have incorporated ukulele and piano into my assignments.

Playing instruments has been a great comfort for me throughout the pandemic. I have had so much time at home to learn new songs and practice. One of the good things quarantine brought me was the time to appreciate music more. I have also gotten more confident at playing the ukulele and piano and learned new skills like picking on the uke! I also love the Beatles, so I wanted to tie in a Beatles song for the final. 

Maddy, Rosemary and I are all contributing to every part of the final. For the song, I am recording the instruments (piano and ukulele) to Imagine and Yellow. Maddy will take my recordings and create a beat using garage band. Rosemary will add on the last layer by singing! 

How I Did it

I spent this week learning the songs on both ukulele and piano. I knew the chords but wanted to make sure it sounded like the songs. When I went to record, I had to do alot of takes because I kept messing up! It’s like in practice I was great and then when I went to record I would mess up! It was frustrating… But, I ended up finally with two nice audios that I was happy with.

In order to make sure every track matches I made sure to play at a constant tempo. The beats per minute for Imagine is 76bpm. So I found a Youtube metronome at 76bpm. I listened to this with one headphone in while I played. Then I used my sister’s phone to record since mine was on the metronome.

When I uploaded them to soundcloud I used the design I made for my design assignments. You can read more about the designs I made in my blog post “Signed Copy!”. Our album cover looks good on soundcloud!

Final Product

Me playing “Imagine” by John Lennon on piano
My mashup of “Imagine” and “Yellow” played on Ukulele by me

I never knew how to play Imagine on the piano before so I am really happy I can add that to my list. While playing I thought about how a year ago I got back into piano because I was home. And look at me now! I’m glad I could use part of my story in our final project of our story.

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