What my dog sees: Point of View Video Assignment

Ever wanted to hear a lot of sniffing and watch shaky camera angles? Watch the Point of View video assignment I created – where you will be watching through the lens of my dog, Biscuit. 

I had fun making this assignment from the assignment bank called “Point of View”, but now my legs are sore because I had to crawl around at Biscuits height for the shots! I used an iPad to film and edited in iMovie. 

Biscuit loves roaming around our backyard and finding sticks to chew on. She always is sniffing and sometimes gets so lost in smells that she doesn’t come back when we call her! I let her out and followed her around for a while. I filmed very close to her to get the audio for the movie. Her collar jingles when she walks and runs, and she is very loud when she sniffs (she has a breathing condition). Then, I put her inside and filmed the grass, sticks, flowers. I retraced her steps and moved the camera to show where she stopped and looked around. I also held the camera in one hand and picked up sticks to act like she was holding them in her mouth, then dropping it. 

I included some shots of Biscuit’s typical day – she sleeps on her bed a lot and also sits for her pupperoni treats!

Biscuit also plays fetch with a tennis ball! I held the tennis ball up to the camera to mimic her smelling it. Then I ran with the camera to show her picking up and dropping the ball.

The hardest part of this assignment was editing the audio. I only had two videos where Biscuit was making noise. So I added the clips in iMovie and used the “detach audio” feature. Then I deleted the clips and duplicated the audio multiple times. I dragged and cropped the sniffing audio over clips where I wanted the noise. I made several layers of her noises (walking, collar, sniffing). This made it sound like she was the one filming. 

I also added visual effects to all of the clips in iMovie. I used the “blue” effect to create a different color scheme than normal. This is because dogs see different colors than humans. 

Overall, I am very happy with how the final product turned out!

Point of View: Biscuit

2 thoughts on “What my dog sees: Point of View Video Assignment”

  • this was really cool. i can not help but to laugh (kindly) at the thought of you filming from your dogs pov in the grass. that is real dedication.

  • This is really cool! Your editing on the audio was perfect. I watched the video before reading your post, and while I was watching I was honestly intrigued as to how you filmed it because initially I thought you would just lower the camera to it’s eye level (which you were doing), but after hearing the audio I genuinely believed it was Biscuit.

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