Week 1 Summary

Wow! One week already done! This week I spent a lot of time working on my multimodal introduction post and my “What’s your story” theme post. Overall I think I have established a good starting off point on multiple platforms: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and soundcloud.

For this weekly summary I would like to highlight the things I learned and accomplished.

I already had a blog and domain set up (http://madelinekillian.com/ ) so it was easy for me to create a subdomain for this class (http://ds106.madelinekillian.com/blog/ ). I made sure this subdomain matched the design of my main blog and other subdomains. The one thing I struggled with was registering my blog to the ds106 website. The feeder link would not work when I tried it so I had to wait a day or so and check it again. At first after I had made my posts the ds106 website would not automatically show my post in the feed which made me think I had done something wrong, but in reality I learned there was a lag between the time I post and the time the site updates.

I had a lot of fun making the multimodal introductions. I have never used twitter and soundcloud before but the platforms were similar to other social media platforms so they were easy to understand. For my first tweet I used gifs to tell my story and I explain in my introduction post why I used that gif.I also used my twitter platform to expand my story and show more of my interests like Harry Potter and Les Miserables!

I thought it was fun that another member of the class, Rosemary, replied to my tweet with another gif!

For my soundcloud introduction, I played a short version of the song “Dream a little dream of me”. It was really easy to post on soundcloud I just recorded it on my voice memos app and then uploaded to soundcloud. I didn’t know that on soundcloud if you don’t upload a cover picture for the sound it uses your profile picture, so next time I will need to improve that.

I used iMovie on my iPhone to create my youtube introduction post. I used the voice over feature to record over clips of my plants and dog.

I also learned how to comment on my classmates blog posts from the website. I have never left a comment on a wordpress site so I learned that you fill out your name and email when commenting. It was really fun to read my classmates ideas!

Overall, I learned how to use and post on new social media platforms and how to use the ds106 website! I look forward to expanding my accounts and thinking more about the theme!

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