Tomato, Tomato: Describing my lunch (3.5 stars)

The perfect combo: cheese and tomato. 

What food comes to mind when you hear these two ingredients? Pizza? Pasta? Perhaps a calzone?

The options are limitless because this ingredient combination might be the best of all time.

Today for lunch, I had Panera’s grilled cheese and tomato soup.

I taste the crunchy grilled cheese crust and the gooey cheese as I take my first bite. I use my panera plastic spoon to scoop up the tomatoey goodness. I blow on the soup to chill it a little because it is piping hot. 

Then the magic happens.

Instead of separately eating the grilled cheese and soup I combine them by dipping the magnificent grilled cheese into the soup. The food warms me up and is perfect for a cold winter’s day. Once there is no more grilled cheese left to dip in the soup, I finish the soup and call it a day. 

This is not a sponsored blog post for panera (though maybe it should be…) but I am just really passionate about one of the best food combinations : grilled cheese and tomato soup.

If you have never had the two together I highly recommend!

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While exploring the assignment bank, I decided to choose the writing assignment “Instagram is down, Describe your lunch to me” . This assignment stuck out to me because even though I don’t take pictures of my food and post them to instagram, I do enjoy a nice meal. One of my favorite things to eat in the winter is soup. It seems like every week I am having a new soup, pea, potato, vegetable, and tomato! 

With the new Panera on campus I think it’s important that everyone tries this combo because I really do think Panera does tomato soup the best. It’s definitely worth the flex dollars!

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