This won’t be my last story… Final Summary Week 14

Wow! My last weekly summary! Time has flown by!

For my last weekly summary I want to reflect on my thoughts about my growth during this class. I will also comment on the work I completed this week, which was my final project.

Work this week:

This week I finished my final project which was a video with music originally recording music and designs by Rosemary, Maddy and I. The final project was alot of work and really rewarding. It made me reflect critically on our quarantine story and also every little detail that goes into story telling. I put so much work into my write up reflections! I detailed the inspiration behind my work, my process, my final product, and reflections on how each element of my final project fit into the theme. My work this week can be summed up in my Final Project blog post . My final project blog post includes embedded designs, audio, and video elements I made for the final. The post also includes embedded links to every blog post related to my final project. I told my story in this blog post . I am very proud of the work we completed! This was my favorite project! (Although I did really enjoy the radio show as well!)

FInal project blog post that has embedded work

Final Reflection

Another thing that was cool this week was to see how everyone did something unique for the final project! I loved looking at everyone’s work because I think it is a great example of the theme What’s y(our) story.  At the beginning of the semester I wasn’t quite sure what that theme meant, but after countless assignments, and hours of working on projects, I know what it means. “What’s y(our) story?” not only is about your individual life story, nor is it about the story of the world. It is rather about how your story fits into the story of the world around you. It is about what part you play in the things going on around you. For me, I focused on this past year and a major life event going on around all of us: the pandemic. I used my assignments to tell my story of what keeps me going in the midst of uncertain and scary times. Music, nature, family, friends, my dog, movies, are all things I focused on and aspects of my identity that I love. For some assignments I explored my personality more, but as the semester progressed I developed my story as a part of a bigger story. I made music that told stories that documented life as college students in a pandemic. I told stories of my childhood and related it to others. And I did this all through new and different forms of media rather than traditional pen to paper story telling. 

I think telling my story of the pandemic and my experience through digital platforms was the best way to tell it because for the majority of this year/semester we have all had to be digital and remote. 

I told my story through video assignments, audio assignments, writing assignments, visual assignments, remix assignments, and more! And through each assignment I have become a better storyteller by putting meaning into every element I incorporate! 

I have really enjoyed this course. It has given me a greater appreciation for storytellers everywhere and has helped me cultivate my digital skills and storytelling skills!

Another aspect of this course that I loved was the sense of community . Every week I loved seeing and becoming inspired by other’s projects! I loved hearing what people thought about my work, and seeing how creative we all were this whole class! Great job everyone! We did it! 🙂

I can’t wait to see how I use the new skills I have learned in this class in the future. I am a DKC consultant and have been exposed to more skills from this class. Also this class has made me a better blog writer and story teller! 

Everyone has a story! So tell yours and see how your story fits in the world!

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