Little Women and a Water Cooler : This doesn’t belong here

For my second mash up assignment I completed the “This Doesn’t Belong Here” assignment for 4 stars.

My Photo:

little women and water cooler this doesn’t belong here picture

For this assignment I chose to pick a scene from the 2019 version of Little Women. I love this movie! In one scene fans noticed a hydro flask water bottle in the background, and it was kept in the movie! This was big news because the movie is a period piece so why is there a water bottle! Here is an interesting New York Times article about the mistake.

For reference here is the photo I used:

Water Bottles in Little Women Movie

I wanted to have fun with this so I added in a water cooler in the background! I edited the picture using GIMP. I used the lasso tool to cut out the water color and place it into the scene. I also used the color selector tool to paint over the red marks in the original photo. 

It was challenging getting the water cooler to scale. I had to use the scale layer feature several times in order to get the final result. 
Overall, I had alot of fun with this assignment! Plus, who is even gonna see the water cooler with Timothée Chalamet on screen?!

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