Stress Collage : Remix Assigment

For my second remix assignment I choose to remix the places of peace collage assignment. When I hit the remix button I got “the opposer”. So I was really excited to make a places of stress collage!

Wow- there were so many places that were not peaceful that I could think of, but none I had pictures of. So, I had to search for pictures. What came to my mind was first-  construction! My drive to work is full of construction now and it breaks up my peaceful drive because it creates so much traffic and noise. Also, for me- I am never at peace at the dentist’s office! Also, a place/ activity that created stress for me in highschool was standardized testing and SATs! 

I used the app pic stitch to create all of these together in one collage. I had to move them around a lot of times to get it the way I wanted but I really liked how it turned out!

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