Stories of Our Stories Radio Show! : Week 8 Reflection

It’s done! This week my group and I finished our radio show: “Stories of Our Stories”. I am really happy with how it turned out. We all put alot of work into it so it is rewarding to have it completed! Take a listen:

Our Radio Show on Sound Cloud “Stories of Our Stories” a trip down memory lane

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Weekly Reflection

This project helps build my audio editing skills. I have previously had some experience with audacity so it was helpful to complete the assignments in audacity. Also, I found new ways to add sound effects into my assignments. Luckily, my group was consistent and we all were very excited for our theme. It was helpful that we met on zoom to talk through our assignments. Together, we shared our individual stories that match the theme of the class “What’s y(our) story?”. Even though they are individual stories, there are similarities in our childhood events that shaped us. Like Rosemary and I both have a love for music, Maddy and I both used to play with similar toys as kids, and Jordan and I are passionate about the environment. I think this project was a good way to show our story. This year, everyone has been isolated because of the pandemic. A good way to “come together” (virtually) is by sharing stories. When individuals tell stories it can make others reflect on their own experiences and see the similarities or differences. So one story becomes many stories.

This week I also completed my daily creates.

Also, I loved seeing everyones work on their radio shows!

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