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For my final project I am telling “our story through the pandemic” with Rosemary and Maddy. We are making a cover of a mashup of Imagine by John Lennon  and Yellow by Coldplay. We are aiming to tell our story as college students and our journey through the pandemic. For more explanation and details read my “Final Project Goals and Plan” post

As I outlined in my goals post, our group wants to create designs that go along with our song and movie. We want to make posters, instagram posts, album covers and much more! We all decided to do our own designs , incorporating the color yellow, and something specific like music or a mask to give it a personal touch. 

For my designs, I decided to make a signed album cover, an instagram post, and a youtube thumbnail for our video and song. Making these designs was time consuming but fun!

Album Cover

I created the album cover using canva. I have practiced making designs throughout the semester using canva and other design tools, so I am fairly comfortable with working with it now. For example, earlier I used a canva template to create a promo design for my radio show. Now however I am more advanced and used blank templates for most of my designs. I also customized more and used more canva tools. (Side note- I am a DKC consultant so I get to add canva to my list of tools I can consult on now yay!).

For the album cover I searched for the album cover and a basic size came up. For fun I searched piano and I really liked the template that came up. I altered the template so that the keys mirrored each other on the screen. I also made the keys yellow (to match the name of the song). I play piano and ukulele in the cover mashup we made, so I wanted to incorporate this into my design. I used the elements tool on canva to look for ukulele stickers. I edited the colors of all the elements so that the color scheme was yellow and it would pop. I made the transparency of the uke sticker halfway so that the text would stand out. Next, I added text. I picked out different fonts that I liked. I wanted to make the cover look like it was signed by us, the artists. So I searched through different fonts that looked like handwriting and lined them up so we signed the keys. This was really fun and I like how it turned out!

My design for my album cover for my final project

Social Media Post

After having made the album cover, I used the animated feature in canva to make it move. I liked the block feature where our names pop up, and the elements fly in. This design element will get the viewers attention. I also added the intro to Imagine that I played on the piano as background music for the post!

Youtube Thumbnail

Youtube Thumbnail

In canva, there is a Youtube option for designs. I choose the thumbnail option so that it will fit in a youtube thumbnail. I wanted to make the design bright and pop out in Youtube so that people will watch our story so I made it yellow and black (adding to the theme of my previous designs). I added a music note with piano keys and the same ukulele sticker element to make the designs cohesive. The big text will help the viewer know what they are about to watch. 

Overall, I am very happy with the designs I made! They help tell the story because they incorporate elements of both what the final project will be (my ukulele and piano tracks) and what I have loved to do during quarantine (play music). It all ties in!

More Designs

Rosemary and Maddy also made some killer designs that I love so much!

Rosemary’s blog post for her design
Rosemary’s album cover/ poster desing

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