Say “Cheese”… Week 4 Reflection

Well week 4 was one of my busiest weeks yet! I took a different approach to this class than I usually do this week because of the visual assignments aspect. This weekend I looked over and planned for the assignments I would do. Then, at the beginning of the week I took all the pictures I needed for my visual assignments. Then I wrote all my blog posts on Wednesday and Thursday and added the pictures I had taken earlier. This process was a little stressful because usually I get things done early, but I still managed to complete all of my assignments. 

Photography Reflection Posts

I started off the week reflecting on my photography experience. My dad is a photographer and has passed down his passion for photography to me. I love shooting on my digital camera and film camera. I reflected upon my experience in my blog post “Selfies and Cameras” . Caitlyn commented on my post and we were able to have a conversation about film photography which was cool!

Next, I watched “How Photography Connects Us” and looked through my past photos for examples of different examples of composition techniques. I looked through my high school AP photography portfolio and pulled out my favorites. I displayed these photos in my blog post called “Bees and Butterflies: Past Portfolio Photography”. I was really flattered that I got so many comments on this post! I played around with how I edited the post using the Elementor wordpress plugin. It was really easy to use and I used a simple gallery block and edited each picture so that when the mouse moves over the photo it zooms out on the photo. I really liked working with Elementor and I think it made my blog look really cool. I want to use it in more assignments and would encourage others to download the plugin!

I also tweeted about my post!:


I managed to take all of my photoblitz pictures in 20 minutes! The photoblitz assignment was really fun and I reflected on my experience in my post “Stop! It’s Phototime: Photoblitz”. (I have a lot of fun coming up with the titles for my posts!).

Visual Assignments (13.5 stars worth)

Love For Your Pet (3)

I couldn’t not complete your love for your pet assignment , because I have so much love for my dog ! This was a fun visual assignment and it was hard to narrow down which pictures to choose from. I outlined the experience and displayed my collage in my post called “Who Doesn’t Love Biscuit?”. I also explained how this relates to my theme in the blog post becuase Biscuit has emotionally supported me through quarantine.

I was also able to look through blog posts to find another student who completed the same assignment and was able to comment on their post with my thoughts:

Silly Movie Poster (3.5)

I made a silly movie poster and explained how this related to my theme in my post “Breakfast at Tiffany’s with GIFs!”. Movies have really gotten me through this pandemic and I am a big fan of older movies!

Pop Star Out of Place (3.5)

I also created images that made it look like Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet were dining at UMW in my blog post “Harry and Timothee using meal swipes”. I feel like I was telling a story through photos that I really want to happen!

I also tweeted about it (in true “Gossip Girl” fashion):

Time of Day (3.5)

I used photos to tell a story about the passage of time through my “Sunrise…Sunset: Time of Day post”. I reflected about how I was able to tell a story through these pictures in my post. Even though the picture was of the same location, the time had changed making it a completly different photo, with a completely different story to tell.

Daily Create Post

I always have fun doing the daily creates but this week I went deeper and connected some personal stories to the daily creates I made. I reflected on a trip where I was able to see beautiful impressionist paintings and related this to the daily creates I made in my blog post “Sunday Afternoons and Squirrels” .

Engagemnet and Commenting

I love seeing the work that my classmates are creating! I think the daily creates this week were the best and some work made me laugh out loud! Here are some (not all) of the comments I have made on blog posts and twitter. I also participated in the form and can’t wait to see the results because there were so many great blog posts this week! I was also very happy because I recieved many comments this week which was nice!

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