Revisiting & Radio shows : Week 9 Summary

This week I had the opportunity to listen and reflect on everyone’s radio show which was so great! I also had some more time to re do assignments using new tools and skills I have learned. Overall, it was a productive week and my favorite part was live tweeting to the radio shows!

Radio Listen

I reflected on my live tweeting expierence in my blog post “Radio Listen Reflection”.

Looking Ahead : Project Ideas

I gave a lot of thought to future projects I want to do. I outlined my ideas in my blog post “Documentary, Music Video, Trailer”.

Connected Daily Creates

I told a story and connected the daily create assignments I completed this week!

Revist Your Work

I revisted two assignments and improved upon them using new tools. I detailed my experience in my blog post.


I was able to comment on my classmates work this week! I really enjoyed everything everyone created!

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