“Red Dressss” Shine Like The Stars: Commercial

I completed the “Make Your Own Radio Commercial” assignment in order to prepare for the radio show. My group is doing a childhood stories radio show. For our commercials some of us are doing nostalgic things (toys) from our childhood that correspond with our stories. My story is all about going to concerts (Jonas Brothers,, Aly&AJ,, other old disney stars). One thing that I will mention in my story is how I used to wear glow sticks to all my concerts(thinking that would make Nick Jonas notice me). Even though I was never pulled up on stage, glow sticks were a STAPLE in my concert wardrobe!

I had alot of fun with this assignments. It’s pretty goofy, but hey, whatcha gonna do.

First, I wrote a script and recorded it on my phone. Then, I recorded myself playing the cords on my uke to the iconic “Burnin Up” by the Jonas Brothers. Next, I found applause sound effects to give it that concert feel. I used the BBC free sound effects to find a good sound. I really wanted a harp sound for when I said “glow sticks” to give it a magical feel. The best I could find was synthesized harp on ccmixer.

Finally, I converted all files to mp3 format using a cloud converter. Then I uploaded into audacity. I messed with the levels on the mixer board so that my voice was the loudest. 

For fun I also added in my best take of the “red dresses” line in the song, so I added an effect of amplification on this segment. 

audacity mixer board

2 thoughts on ““Red Dressss” Shine Like The Stars: Commercial”

  • I AM OBSESSED! You are so freaking talented omg! I got a uke from goodwill and the best thing I could do with it is paint on it. Anyway, I was looking for posts to comment on but only our group has posted so far for this week and I’m so proud of us! This commercial is amazing and so creative! I listened out for the ‘Red Dress’ and it didn’t disappoint, I honestly thought it was Nick Jonas himself. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the show comes together, but from what I’ve seen, other groups don’t stand a chance.

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