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Listening to the radio show on February 22nd was so much fun and really interesting. I loved tweeting along with everyone because it felt like we were in class discussing! 

I was so surprised when I heard my radio bumper play at the start and end of the show! I got some comments which were really nice about it! I also loved Rosemary’s radio bumper. She is such a good singer !

Embedded below are some of my tweets but to see more visit my twitter page.

The sounds in the episode were at times creepy and really intensified the eerie effect.

I also made predictions during the episode to see how the show would go. It was really cool listening to an old radio show and then hearing analysis of it. However at times I found myself wanting to hear more of the old show.

I also participated in conversations with other classmates listening to the show!

The “creepy doll voice” Susan had was funny at times because when she would do it everyone would tweet about it at once!

I found it interesting that the clock background noise changed tempo when she was awake and dreaming.

The episode talked about radiation from the radio which I thought was cool becuase I have been learning about Electromagnetic Radiation in my physics class!

Overall, I think I have a greater appreciation for audio editing. I never used to think about how background noises have an effect on story editing so this episode was really cool to understand that better.

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  • Congrats on hearing your bumper! I agree, I also have a greater appreciation for audio editing now! It was much harder than I thought.

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