Radio Show and more! Week 7 recap

This week my group and I have made exciting advancements in our radio show “Stories of Our Stories”. I honestly love our show idea and design. Everyone has created really cool bumpers and commercials. We are all getting really into the whole disney channel theme of it.

Radio Show Progress

You can read about the radio show we are working on and the overall goals we have for it on my blog post “Disney Channel & Our Stories”.

Radio Show Design

I created an Instagram story design for my radio show! It is up on story highlights on my Instagram account. I also reflected on my experience in a blog post called “Stories of Our Stories: Promo Design”. We had alot of conversations about our designs because we wanted them to be cohesive and have similar color pallets. I think our goals were achieved and our designs look great!

Radio Show Bumper

I completed one audio assignment to make a new bumper that matches the theme of our show! This was also so much fun because I got to use my uke again! I posted about it in my blog “And YOU’RE watching Disney Channel”. The cover design was made by Jordan which was super cool! We all used different aspects of our designs in everything we made!

Radio Show Commercial

My second audio assignment for this week was making a commercial that goes along with my childhood story! This commercial was so much fun to make! It is for glow sticks and I added sound effects! Go check it out on my blog post “Red dresss: Shine Like the stars”.

Daily Create

During the week I tweeted my daily creates and reflected in my blog post “Harry Styles and My Dog”.


I engaged in commenting both on blogs and on twitter this week! Here are just some of the blog posts I commented on. It was really cooll to see everyone’s ideas for the radio shows and I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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