Radio Listen Reflection : Childhood Stories

On Tuesday night, I had the opportunity to listen to my radio show “Stories of Our Stories: A Walk Down Memory Lane” and “Operation Childhood Radio Show”. I had so much fun during the entire process and liked tweeting along with classmates! 

I liked that both radio shows were childhood themed and it was cool to hear the other groups take on the same theme! I really liked how the other group used music that sounded child like. Their show was different from ours in that it was a recorded conversation and ours was separate segments. However I think both shows were very cohesive. We both linked our commercials back to things we mentioned in our stories. For example, I had a commercial about glow sticks because in my story I mentioned I wore glow sticks to the concerts I went to as a child.

It was weird hearing my voice on air but I got used to it! I also was really happy at the positive feedback we got on our story because we worked so hard on it so it was nice to be appreciated! 

I loved seeing everyone’s reactions to our stories because we tried to pick relatable themes our class would like. Maddy’s story got a lot of fun comments about her rainbow loom business, and my story sparked conversation about the Jonas Brothers and music!

Here are some (not all) of my tweets from the night. It was nice to be engaged as a ds106 community in this way!

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