Quarantine Stories : Whats y(our) story?

 Last week I posted about my original thoughts for the class theme of “What’s y(our) story?”. After reading my classmates ideas, and the wrap up post I would like to continue with the idea of stories during quarantine. This is such significant time we are living in and I think it is important to share the little things that are going on in our lives (like online classes, time with pets..) while also putting those in context of the historical events we are living through. 

I liked how Conner described the theme in the post “What’s y(our) Story”.  I agree with him about how the theme of what’s y(our) story should highlight ways you are different from others. This could connect with looking at it through a perspective of quarantine too because everyone has different things going on in their lives.  Matthew also summed up the theme well in the post “thematic brainstorm” by explaining that everyone can take it different ways which I think is cool.

When future generations look back on the quarantine times they can not only see the headline news, but also how life goes on through our little stories.
I would also like to focus on self-love/ healing activities that keep us sane during these times. I have shared several hobbies I have gotten into in my introducing me post. Throughout this semester I would like to dive into what these are, and expand on them. At the same time, I think it would be nice to learn about what my new hobbies or crafts my classmates are doing during this pandemic. This would establish our story and we could see similarities and differences in our activities.

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