Princess Bride and Video Assignments : Week 10 Summary

This week I took so many videos! It almost messed up my storage on my phone and laptop, but luckily everything is back to normal now! 

Starting off, I made tiktoks of my dog Biscuit. I reflected on the experience in my blog post “Biscuit the TikTok Star!” . The account for my dog is public (so that I could embed in my post) and I didn’t expect it to get so many views but it really did! 
I also made some daily creates with a nature theme this week! I embedded them in my blog post “Accidental Nature”.

Next, I made a point of view assignment called “What my dog sees”. I also made a lullabye video , “A sweet message for my dog”.

Finally, I spent a long time working and researching for my “Princess Bride Video Essay”. This was alot of work but I had fun doing it because I was really interested in this weeks topic! Looking at movies, scenes, as text is interesting and I have a new found appreciation for all of the work that goes into editing a movie!

11 stars worth of assignment

Tik Toks (3 stars)

POV (5 stars)

Sweet Message (3 stars)

Video Essay

Daily Creates


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