Pink is My Signature Color! Pretty in Pink Remix Assignment

Pretty in Pink love for your pet:

For one of my remix assignments this week I chose to remix my visual assignment โ€œLove for Your Petโ€. I reused the same picture I created for the original assignment. You can read more about my first time creating this on my blog post โ€œWho Doesnโ€™t Love Biscuit?โ€.

I edited the picture using the app VSCO. I did not have a pink filter so I increased the saturation and messed with the tints and hues until I thought the image was pink enough. I also increased the contrast and added shadows of purple and pink highlights. 

It was fun making Biscuit pink! โ€œPink is my signature color!โ€

Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias×315/ea/12/3a/ea123a48537f0cad63a9da13a4da4c62.jpg

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