Lullabye for my dog : Sweet Message Video Assignment

Keeping on theme of my dog, and things I have been doing in quarantine, I decided to make the “Sweet Message” assignment a music video serenade to my dog. 

Playing music and being with my dog is one of the good things to come out of this quarantine. I set up an iPad and played my ukulele. I love the Beatles (and have done many assignments related to them), so I played a picking version of “Blackbird”. I edited the video using iMOvie. I took several takes because I messed up in a couple. So in the takes I like I detached the audio and merged it to videos I liked (where Biscuit was sleeping or moving). I also used the transition feature to create a smooth transition between the shots. Finally, I added a “vintage” effect on the clip. 

I love playing the ukulele, especially to Biscuit because it puts her to sleep which is cute!

“Blackbird” on my ukelele for my dog

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