Jonas Brothers Concert 9 years apart :Tell it/tweet it

I love love love going to concerts! For the “Tell it, tweet it” assignment I would like to briefly tell the story of how I went to two Jonas Brothers concerts almost exactly 9 years apart.

On August 14th, 2010, I was sitting in the stands of Hershey Park stadium, anxiously awaiting my favorite boy band: The Jonas Brothers.

Was I excited to hear Demi Lovato perform the opening act? Absolutely! Camp Rock was one of my favorite movies. However Demi was no match for the sweet sensitive Nick Jonas (my favorite Jonas Brother). 

When I heard the musical masterpieces that are “Burnin’ Up”, “S.O.S”, and “Year 3000” performed live, a 2010 me was so happy. It was also a day before Joe’s birthday, so the entire concert arena sang to him and he blew out his candles on stage.

That happiness sadly ended when the band broke up.

But, in 2019 I got to see them again in DC for their reunion tour on August 15th! I was so happy to sing along to my favorite songs again! I didn’t realize until I was there but it happened to be Joe’s birthday again! Sophie Turner brought him a cake on stage and then he sang “Cake By The Ocean”! 

It was crazy that I got to sing happy birthday to Joe Jonas two different times in my life! Here’s to another birthday concert in the future!

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