“It’s easy if you try”: Final Project Week 1 Summary

One week done and one week closer to the end of the semester! It is crazy how fast time flies! Hey! Speaking of time flying that’s what my final project is about- kinda. 

For my final project Rosemary, Maddy and I are creating a multimedia story about the pandemic 1 year ago and now. We are making a unique mashup cover of “imagine” by John Lennon, and “Yellow” by Coldplay and will set our audio to a movie looking at our past and present situation in the pandemic. Through design, audio, and video editing tools we aim to tell our story. For a more detailed explanation about our project (inspiration, goals, and how we plan to execute it) please read my initial blog post “Imagine/Yellow Final Project Goals”.

Detailed Initial Write Up

As I outlined in my initial post linked above, this week I completed my part for the song and design. 

I explained my process, inspiration, and how each assignment links to our goal and story in my blog posts:

Design Assignments

Audio Assignments

After meeting with my group again we checked in and are all on track. Maddy and Rosemary are so fun to work with because we all get really into our projects! They have made great designs and audio this week and I am looking forward to it coming all together next week. 

To see their work check out their blogs!  

Maddy’s Blog

Rosmary’s Blog

I think the hard work we put in this week will set us up nicely for next week. 

While completing the music and designs I couldn’t help but think back to where I was last year (which is what our project is all about). Last year we had little information and things were very scary and uncertain. While there is still uncertainty today, vaccines are increasing and we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel.  

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