Imagine/ Yellow : Final Project Goals and Plan

The Story & Inspiration

For the ds106 final, my group ( Maddy, Rosemary and I ) have come up with an important story to tell in a multimodal way. 

The story we want to tell is about the pandemic. It has been a year since we have started this pandemic and we can’t help but look back at this year and compare it to how we are now. In April 2020, life was shutdown and the future was uncertain. Now, a year later we can all see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things are able to open back up safely, and more and more people are getting vaccinated. As college students, our lives were put on halt and we had to all cope in different ways. This final story that we are telling ties into my story that I have expressed throughout the semester which is about how I have been coping with the pandemic. Whether it be through movies, childhood memories, nature, songs, or even my dog, throughout this pandemic I have found creative outlets that I love and are a part of “my story”. With each assignment I have completed, it has been cool to see similarities I have with my classmates to connect to the class theme of “What’s y(our) story?”. 

Building on my initial theme thoughts for the class of quarantine stories, this final will tell the story of this past year and each of our journeys through our favorite forms of media. I really like music and audio production and have made a lot of assignments about the Beatles, or covers with my ukulele ( something that has gotten me through quarantine). As I outlined in my Final Ideas project post, I wanted to make a cover of a meaningful song that related to what we are all going through, and make a music video for it.

So that is what we are doing! In our meeting on zoom, we talked and brainstormed ideas for what we should do.

Our Plan

We plan to make a mashup cover of Imagine by John Lennon, and Yellow by Coldplay. I will play the songs on both the piano and my ukulele, Rosemary will sing, and Maddy will create a beat using garage band. Our plan is to combine all the tracks in audacity. We decided on this song because all of the celebrities at the beginning of the pandemic tried to cover the song “Imagine” and got hate for it. We want to bring more meaning to it and make it more personal. Imagine is a song of empowerment and tells our story of seeing light at the end of this COVID tunnel. Yellow will also be mashed up with it to show where we are now. The two songs are sort of the past and present of April 2020-2021. We never would have imagined we would be vaccinated and where we are now a year ago, so we needed to express it in a song and movie.

After creating a song, we plan to make a movie of personal pictures and new photographs of events that have shaped us all in the past year. We will set this movie to our song. We are searching and using pictures that are meaningful to us. For example, when we started wearing masks, to the day we go vaccinated and news clippings in between. 

We also plan on creating visual designs for our song and movie. We want to create album covers, posters, instagram stories and more designs to advertise our song. Just like how we worked on the radio show we are planning on making all of our designs cohesive and part of our story. 

I am really looking forward to developing this story in this way. I am really excited to be able to tell our story in ways that I love (like through music and design). I think we have a really solid plan and Rosemary and Maddy are so fun to work with so I am looking forward to what we will create.

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