Imagine x Yellow : Visual Assignment 2 Final Project

For my final project I am telling “our story through the pandemic” with Rosemary and Maddy. We are making a cover of a mashup of Imagine by John Lennon  and Yellow by Coldplay. We are aiming to tell our story as college students and our journey through the pandemic. For more explanation and details read my “Final Project Goals and Plan” post

I am so proud of all the work we have done so far! As we set up in our final project schedule, we each completed design and audio assignments last week. You can read more about the work I completed last week in my blog post “It’s easy if you try”. The hard work we put in last week set us up to succeed in finishing up the project for this week. Our goals for week 14 were to compile the audio in one song, edit and arrange photographs for the movie, and finally create the movie. 

This post is all about how we compiled and edited photographs to add to our movie. 

How we did it/ insporation

We are all very organized and created a collaborative google doc to write and share ideas about the project. In our “pictures” page of the google doc we set up 30 slots for pictures to be added. The goal was 10 pictures for each of us. 7 of the pictures should be in black and white and tell the story of the pandemic a year ago. This meant to find pictures personal or free source, of us in masks, on zoom, and socially distanced. We all edited our 7 COVID19 photos in black and white . We also submitted 3 pictures of life currently (focusing on vaccines and good news ). These pictures were kept in color. 

Our idea was to have the black and white photos play during the Imagine part of the song to express the uncertainty of the pandemic a year ago. Then, when the song changes to Yellow, we will have photographs in color to share our happy stories. The song and the visual effect will create a “light at the end of the tunnel” effect which our story tells. The transition from black and white to color is a powerful one and we are not the first to use it. Think of The Wizard Of Oz ! The switch from black and white to color is impactful and each color has symbolism and meaning. I found a cool article that analyzes the meaning behind the colors in the movie- you can check it out here “Symbolism in The Wizard of Oz”. 

Connection to the class

One thing I have learned through this class is that storytelling is not just about the words being spoken, but also the images shown. I think our black and white to color images is just another little touch that enhances the message we are trying to convey: we can see the light at the end of the COVID tunnel and we are in a much different place than a year ago!

Some of my pictures

Here is a sneak peak at some of the pictures I submitted. I used my own personal photos and also found free open source pictures from which allowed me to use them without needing credit. 

These pictures are from pixabay and in iMovie I will edit the laptop picture to be in black an white.These two contrasting images highlight the juxtapostion that we tell in our story: a year ago masked, now vaccinated -and still masked 🙂

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