Imagine x Yellow : Final Project

My final project is done! Thanks to my amazing group we were able to complete a great final project that we all are proud of!

This post will be a detailed walk through and reflection of each step we took along the way to make our final project. I will be embedding and linking my previous posts that go WAY more in detail about my process and reflection during each step, so please read those for a full extent of the amount of work I completed on the project.

But first.. Here is the final product!:

Final Products:

Ok, now let me take you back to the story behind it and why we chose to tell this story… 

Rosemary, Maddy and I all wanted to tell our quarantine stories for our final project.

My Initial Project Ideas

We began thinking about making a song/ music video that reflect our experiences in quarantine as college students. To read more about our initial thoughts visit my blog post:

Our Project Goals and Inspiration

So, we got together and came up with an idea for our project. Our goal: to show what our lives are like now during the pandemic versus a year ago through a multimodal music video. We wanted to show the difference in our lives from a year ago to now. The uncertainty to the light at the end of the tunnel. For a more detailed explanation read my blog post:

After making a plan, we all got to work in week 13 and created beautiful designs and audio recordings. 


We each created designs. I created an album cover, social media post, and a Youtube Thumbnail. Rosemary created another album cover. Maddy created a social media post. All of our designs were unique but also had similar elements that connected our project. We used these designs to promote our song and used them in the movie as well. We also used them for album covers in spotify and Youtube Thumbnails.To read more about our design inspirations, process, and thoughts please check out our blog posts.:

Maddy’s Design Blog Post

Rosemary’s Design Blog Post.

My Design Blog Post.

My Blog Post about my designs

My designs:

My signed album cover
My Social Media Post Design
My Youtube Thumbnail design

Rosemary’s Design:

Rosemary’s design

Maddy’s Design:

Maddy’s Design


After completing our designs, in week 13 we also completed our individual tracks of audio. My job was to play Imagine on the piano and ukulele. I also played Yellow on the ukulele. I had to learn how to play these songs on both instruments because I had never played them before. It was a fun challenge! I reflected on my experience in my blog post “Where’s my record deal?”. In that post I also embedded my tracks via soundcloud. For reference here they are:

Me playing Imagine on the piano
Me playing Imagine/Yellow on the ukulele
My Blog Post about my audio assignments

Go check out Maddy’s beat tracks in her blog post about the audio. 

In week 14 we put all of the tracks we created in week 13 together! My instruments, Maddy’s beats, and Rosemary’s vocals! Dream team!!! I explained the entire process in my blog post “Go Stream Imagine x Yellow!”.

My blog post about putting the audio all together

Week 13 Summaries

At the end of week 13 we were in a really good place because we had gotten the majority of the project done! Yay! Please read our weekly summaries to hear more about our thoughts.

My week 13 Summary Post

Maddy’s Summary week 13

Rosemary’s Summary week 13

Image Editing Assignments:

As I have learned in this class, images and how they are edited send a message and tell a story.In week 14 we gathered and edited images to put in the movie. Please see my blog post “Imagine x Yellow”

My blog post about the images I choose and edited for the movie

Also check out Maddy’s post where she goes in depth about the reasons behind each image she submitted.

Video Editing

With having every element we needed, I edited and created the movie in iMovie. This took some time, but I had alot of fun. I explain the speedbumps that occurred in my blog post “Lights, Camera, Action!”

My video editing reflection write up

Once the movie was done, I sent it off to Rosemary so that she could add the song and voila! We have a movie! She explains her experience adding sound in her blog post.

Final Thoughts

I am so happy that I had such a great group to work with. This project never felt like a “chore” because we were all so excited about it and really got into it. I think the final product is amazing! I think we told a great story which is our story. We told our quarantine story through our individual stories which I really like. The final product is a video, but that is not the only thing that tells the story. Each audio track, each picture and design is purposeful and has meaning. I was able to use media that I love, music and design, to tell a story. It comes full circle because I have gained a new love for piano and ukulele during this quarantine (which is what we are telling a story about). The same thing happened for Maddy and Rosemary too! They love making beats, and singing. It is fun to dissect this movie and really understand the stories behind each element, which is what I have done throughout these two weeks with each post. This was a crazy year, and I would have never imagined that we are all vaccinated and can see the (yellow) light at the end of this crazy covid tunnel. I’m glad I could tell my story along the way.

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