How do you solve a problem like Julie Andrews?? : Photo Mash

Julie Andrews Characters in one picture

For my first mash up assignment I chose to complete the 4 star “Photo Mash” assignment.

I thought it would be really fun to do this assignment because I love movies and I think taking characters and mashing them up would be fun!

For this assignment, I thought about what movies/ characters I should choose. At first I was thinking about Mamma Mia– I love mamma mia and Merly Streep. Then I thought about all of the characters Merly Streep has played. So originally, I was going to do Donna from Mamma Mia cross with Miranda from Devil Wears Prada. Then I ended up not being able to find any good pictures that would work well together.

So, I decided on one of my other favorite actors : Julie Andrews. Julie Andrews has played so many iconic characters! I love Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, and Princess Diaries! So I wanted to combine all her characters in one photo. I decided the story behind the photo would be that Maria, and Mary were invited to the Queen’s coronation in Genovia.


Overall I am very happy with how it turned out. I used GIMP to edit the photos I found. I created a background layer of a basic ballroom. Then I used the lasso tool to crop the characters and created new layers to add them in. I also used the eraser tool which was really helpful because it cleared up the mistakes I made. It was difficult to scale the characters correctly and took a lot of trial and error. 

Finally I changed the saturation to make the photo in black and white.

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