Grooooovyyy : my 60’s & succulent inspired poster

For graphic design week I made a poster using GIMP, design aspects from 60’s album covers ,as well as pictures of my own plants!

My Poster

My 60’s and Nature Inspired Poster


I was really excited to start working on my own poster for this class. I really wanted this poster to represent my personality and different things I enjoy. As I explained in my design thoughts post, “Ferris Bueller Poster Design Thoughts”, I really like designs of nature and 60’s style designs. I was inspired by my desk actually. Right next to my laptop I have a succulent and a vase I painted earlier in the pandemic. I really liked the interesting dots on the succulent, and I liked the color scheme of the vase I painted.

My vase, laptop, and succulent were my inspiration for the poster.

I was also inspired by the Beatles, Beach Boys and Rolling Stones designs for their album covers. During the pandemic I have been learning new Beatles songs on my uke and other instruments (see my “Hey Jude Cover” assignment post). I also have started a plant and succulent collection which I love (you can see a plant tour in my multimodaI introductions post). love 60-70’s music so I wanted to make my poster reflect these designs and also add in my nature element because I love nature! 

I love the “Endless Summer” album by the Beach Boys. I love the album cover becuase of the cool green colors that fill the plant design. I also like the pop of blue and yellow. Since I wanted to incorporate my plant I thought this was a good album to use for reference because it features many plants.

“Endless Summer” Beach Boys Album

I also love the typography in the Beatles “Yellow Submarine” album. It is flowy and very 60-70’s. I also love the wavy red line that separates the submarine. I thought that the red line looks like the wavy lines I painted on my vase. The contrast in the blue and yellow also make this design great.

Beatles “Yellow Submarine” album cover


First, I sketched out a rough draft of what I wanted my design to look like on my whiteboard.

my rough sketch for my design

As you can see, my sketch does not look like the finished product. The blue dots represent the dots on my succulent. The “M” in my name is curvy like the yellow submarine font. I also included the red wavy line in the yellow submarine graphic to underline my name.

Next, I took close up photos of the succulent plant on my phone. I love taking close up photography of nature (you can check out my past photos).

close up of my succulent

Then I downloaded GIMP and created an 8.5×11 inch blank canvas.

Thoughts on editing in GIMP

This was my first time using GIMP and overall I think it is a good editing website. I used the DKC tools to understand the basics of how to use it and this was really helpful. I am experienced in photoshop and GIMP is pretty similar.

Cutting out layers from my succulent photo was difficult because it had to be done free hand (vs in photoshop a magnetic lasso tool is helpful). Also scaling layers was difficult because in order to maximize the succulent I had to complete a painstaking process of trial and error with the “scale layer” feature. 

As you can see in the screenshots, I played around with the design alot when I was in GIMP. It was easy to cut out the yellow submarine line from the album cover. I then duplicated the layer and rotated it so that it goes diagonal. This creates movement when someone is looking at the poster (their eyes go down the page). I also changed the colors to match the 60’s vibe.

The succulents unique dots became the background for my poster. I had to make the opacity of this layer around 60% to achieve a color similar to the Beach Boy’s album.

In total I ended up with around 10 layers for the poster.


For the font, I wanted to replicate the flowy font used in the 60’s and 70’s. I used a free Font Meme generator. Specifically, I used the font “pancake”. I generated my name and saved it as a PNG with no background so that it would be easy to use in GIMP. I also ended up changing the color in GIMP by using the paint bucket tool. 

I tried out a couple of different fonts but ended on pancake and made two layers of yellow and dark orange to create a 3D layering effect and add contrast between the colors.

Final Analysis

Overall, I had alot of fun creating this design and it ended up being effective. The contrast of green, yellow create an eye catching poster and the wavy lines create motion in the design.

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