Go Stream Imagine x Yellow! : Audio Assignment 2 Final Project

For my final project I am telling “our story through the pandemic” with Rosemary and Maddy. We are making a cover of a mashup of Imagine by John Lennon  and Yellow by Coldplay. We are aiming to tell our story as college students and our journey through the pandemic. For more explanation and details read my “Final Project Goals and Plan” post and “It’s easy if you try”.

Last week we completed our individual audio assignments. Rosemary recorded vocals, Maddy made the beats, and I recorded the music on the piano and ukulele. You can read more about my experience recording Imagine and Yellow on instruments on my blog post “Where’s my Record Deal?” . Throughout the entire process we had to stay in contact through text, facetime and zoom calls. This was really helpful because we sometimes needed to see if we were on the right track. This week was the important part of putting all of our tracks into one song.

Maddy used the actual songs to make a rough demo which was really helpful in order to map out how we want the song to go. We all emailed each other the mp3 files and also posted to our audios to soundcloud. The way we worked it out was that I would play the piano and uke and send it off to Maddy. Maddy would then add beats on top of my audio and send it to Rosemary. Rosemary would listen to the beats and piano and record her vocals. Rosemary edited it in soundtrap, and posted it to her soundcloud. Overall, I am very happy with how it sounds! I think everything matches up so nicely and it flows well together.

Check out Rosemary’s post to see her detailed explanation of her editing process.

Here is the finished product!

Rosemary and Maddy are so talented and I am so lucky to be working with them! The song is a major part in how we are telling our story. Our story is expereinces through the pandemic – a year ago and now. This song is really important and the way in which we made it is part of our indvidual stories. Maddy is pasionate about making beats, Rosemary is a great singer, and I like to play instruments. These are all things we have grown and developed throughout the quarantine.

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