Frozen 2 and Moon Graffiti: Audioreflection

The moon graffiti podcast story was really interesting and I was captivated by it. The audio editing was really good and the sounds created a great story. For example, the mood in the beginning of the story is desperate and frantic. At times Buzz and Niel are interrupting each other. The audio gets louder when they are using the radio and softer when they are talking to each other. Then, the atmosphere is created when they put on their helmets and it sounds like they are talking through helmets.

This podcast relates to the video “How Radio Creates Empathy” because Abumrad talks about how the lack of a visual creates an image in the listeners mind. When the shuttle was crashing the sound made me imagine seeing it crash in my mind.

The podcast reminded me alot of the movie “Apollo 13”.

Recently, I have started watching to show “Into the Unknown : The maing of Frozen II” on Disney Plus with my family . In some episodes they explain the amount of takes the voice actors record to get 1 scene of dialouge. It was really interesting because I never thought about how much work/ emotion goes into every word in an animated film.

Without good audio editing parts of the story will be missing. Audio not only sets the scene but the way in which words/sounds are emphasized creates different meanings in the stories being told.

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