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This week I was assigned to tell a story through a video. I had so many ideas and wanted to connect the story I told this week to the stories and videos I told last week. You can see what I completed last week in my blog post “Princess Bride and Video Assignments Week 10 Summary”

I made a lot of video assignments about my dog, Biscuit. My theme has focused on several aspects of “my story”. Some of my assignments have focused on how I love music (playing instruments), other assignments have focused on positive things to come out of quarantine like spending time with my dog, and adding to my plant collection! 

Storytelling is important and movies and videos are a great way to tell stories. My blog for this class is called “Storytime!” because it is a platform to tell stories. I work at a preschool and storytime is so important for the preschoolers. Telling stories goes hand in hand with the class theme “What’s y(our) story”. It is also cool to see when personal stories are similar experiences for many people in the class. Like in the radio show group I worked with, we all had similar experiences . “Storytime!” is also a phrase I would hear Youtubers say when I was younger before they would tell stories on their channels. 

For my 10 star video assignment I choose to tell the story of my dogs life. Connecting to my blogs theme of “Storytime!” I decided to do the video in a youtuber way of draw my life. Draw my life videos were popular for a while and I remember watching them when I was younger.

I wanted to make my video in the same style as these. I used my mini whiteboard and propped up a camera on top of books so that the entire frame was whiteboard. I also used the whiteboard markers I had around the house (not many so I had to make do). When you watch the video pleaseee ignore my nails/ they are chipped and I need to repaint them! Also I am not the best artist so I did the best I could.


First, I created a story board on post it notes for what I wanted to talk about. Then I practiced drawing out each scene. I also wrote up a script of how I would tell the story. 

For filming I knew I was going to cut out the sound so I listened to my music and just drew. The total footage time of me drawing was close to 20 minutes. 

Then, I edited the movie using iMovie. I started by cutting the sound and increasing the speed of each segment to 2x (the fastest iMovie will allow). Then I started trimming and splitting the video into segments. I used the audio feature to record my voice over narration. I also moved around the recordings to make sure they fit where the drawing was. Finally, I recording background music using my ukulele. I am playing the chords to the song “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”  . I choose this song because Biscuit my dog is my friend!:) Also I really love the chords in that song and think it sounds positive. I used the “Background” feature in iMovie to make sure the song fades up and down when I am talking vs when I am not. 

I also created a title and ending slide to make it feel like a professional movie.

Youve Got a Friend in Me song

Overall, this video was a lot of work but I am happy with how it turned out! Hope you like it!

Draw My Life Biscuit

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