Disney Channel & Our Stories

For my radio show I am in a group with Maddy, Rosemary, and Jordan. We all decided to make our radio show theme about our childhood stories. I am really excited to work on this radio show with them because everyone has such great ideas!

We all met on zoom and made a group chat to talk out our ideas. It was really fun discussing topics because we all landed back on the old disney channel and their short story telling segments “The Time I” (TTI’s). We wanted to make our radio show like that!

During our conversations we also made rough deadlines of when to get work done. I will be the one adding every bit into audacity. We wanted our posters and audio assignments done by thursday so that we will have time to meet for Friday. Our goals for the commercials are to make them about nostalgic things from our childhood that relate to the stories we will tell.

We also wanted our bumpers to be like the intros in disney “I’m Madeline and your watching disney channel!” with the song at the end!

We also wanted our designs to be cohesive. We choose a color pallet of pastels and that disney blue!

We are still determining an order for the show, but we want it generally to go bumper/story/commercial. I think it will work if we mix everyone’s up! Also we might have some commercials back to back!

I’m excited to see how it all comes together but we have a good plan and are always communicating — a set up for sucess!

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