CAUTION: skies and KOPPEKUИЯ’s ( daily create journal)

This week I had a lot of fun tweeting daily creates!

On Monday, I took a picture from my window which was framed with tons of icicles! I took it because the sunrise was so pretty with no intention to post, then when I saw that the daily create was pictures out my window it was perfect!

Everyday the icicles have been dripping and melting and then at night they refreeze. I’m happy they are still out my window because when the sun hits them it is so pretty!

On Tuesday I woke up to a really fun daily create tweet- make a caution sign! For some reason all I could think of was the song “Fire Burning” by Sean Kingston. So I made a caution sign for that song! I think it turned out funny! I used a fire emoji using Instagram.

I also enjoyed seeing other daily creates from my classmates!

On Wednesday  I tried my best to define the enigmatic machine ,KOPPEKUИЯ. And, with snow on my mind it isn’t hard to guess what I came up with.

I had so much fun making these daily creates and also responding to my classmate’s work! It was cool to see how one assignment can be taken in different ways.

One thought on “CAUTION: skies and KOPPEKUИЯ’s ( daily create journal)”

  • Hey Madeline! I really liked your interpretation of the KOPPEKUNR. I did not realize the location it was pointing to was so close to VA. That is a good observation. This is such a weird machine!

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