Building a ds106 community : Week 2 Reflection

A week full of creating and commenting! This week I have made many changes in terms of my participation and blogging style this week. Overall, I think the changes I have made have helped me build a sense of community within this online class.

After reading the week one wrap up I thought more about the theme and read other’s posts about it. I decided to focus more on the quarantine stories and explained my thinking and response to others in my “Quarantine Stories : What’s y(our) story?” post. It was nice to hear back from Jordan and hear my classmates perspectives on my post!

I also feel like a true “Blogging Champ”, because my blog posts throughout the week have included more links/embedding, and they have been more narrative. Also, I have tried to use more engaging titles so that readers will be drawn into my posts!

There were so many great assignments in the assignment bank to choose from that I had trouble picking just three! I ended up starting with a 3 star web assignment called “Guess the story”. I had a lot of fun with it and used GIFs from my favorite shows to tell the spanish legend of La Llorona  in a post called “Adivinar la leyenda (guess the legend)”. No one guessed it, however Lucy did comment and was interested to find out the legend! This assignment loosely connects to the theme ( the other two are more related to the theme) because I am a spanish major and I really enjoy the legends and scary stories of other cultures.

The next assignment I choose was a 3.5 star visual assignment called “5 frame story”“A snow day(dream)… a story in 5 photos” was a story that many of us can relate to due to the inclement weather. I had so much fun completing this assignment because it gave me an excuse to get outside while still being productive and do work for this class! I really tried to take mindful photos, not just snapshots.  I tried to create a narrative of my story (possibly a story many of us are going through). I took alot of photos for this assignment and ran into trouble when I had to decide which one to post.  I liked so many and felt a little constrained by the limit of 5, but I think that was the point of the assignment. To convey all that you want in just 5 pictures is difficult in the era of posting 10+ pictures on Instagram everyday.

While I was working on the five frame assignment, I was also taking 3-5 seconds videos at the top of every hour for my final assignment, “Tuesday, in seconds”. This is a video assignment and is 3 stars. This video was a lot of fun to make, but also was time consuming due to the fact that I had to film so much. At some points in the day (when I was in class) I was unable to film directly at the start of the hour, so I had to film 10-20 minutes later. I’m glad I was able to get outside so I could get some more exciting shots (rather than the boring laptop class clips). However I did have to include laptop clips because it is what I was doing. I think this makes the video honest, and shows a real day in my life as a college student during the pandemic. This honesty coincides with my theme of quarantine stories. The video is an honest glimpse into my story, and it may reflect the stories of others as well. My favorite part of this video is the ukulele song I improvised for the sound!

Throughout the week I also completed 4 “daily create” assignments. These assignments were so much fun to do! When I would get bored of doing work for other classes, I would check twitter and what the post was for the day. I enjoyed expanding my creative abilities through drawing and writing. I outlined my creations in my post “Poems, Posters, and Paintings: a daily create journal”.

I was also able to customize my blog this week. In order to match my home domain, I made sure the colors of my theme matched. I also changed the title of my blog to “Story Time!”. When I was little, my mom would always take me to the library for story times.  I think this is a fun title that expresses the theme and also acts as a virtual space for story times. As you can see, I added a menu option to my blog allowing the user to travel easily from this subdomain to my home page. My social media accounts are now linked as well so that my readers can easily access my other platforms where I share stories. I had to play around in word press to complete this, in the end I added a widget in order to accomplish the menu. Like my main domain and my other subdomains for Digital Studies 101 and my FSEM, I now have a footer on my Ds106 page. 

Finally, I was able to build my participation by commenting on my classmates blogs and responding to tweets. This was so fun! I really feel like we are more of a community now. Even though it is online, it is still important to know each other and respond to our work. This will help develop our ideas and create our story. I was also able to respond to a comment through a blog post in my post “Virtual snow day : a response to AJ’s comment”.

It was really nice to have conversations with people in the class. I really was happy that people left comments on my posts! I also was able to follow more poeple from the class on twitter which was exciting!

Here are some (not all) examples of posts I found really cool and commented on:

You can see the rest of my replies on my twitter!

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