Biscuit the Tik Tok Star! : Video Assigment

I was looking at the assignment bank for this week and I saw an old assignment called “Vine it!”. Well- RIP Vine…(the app shut down a couple of years ago) but I decided to do the assignment with the tik tok app

I may or may not spend too much time on tik tok- I love the funny videos and sounds! Tik Tok actually has some really cool editing tools and features to create short videos. 

The longest duration a Tiktok can be is 1 minuet. This means that to make a tiktok you need to have all aspects of your video in mind before shooting. There is also an option for 15 seconds.

I decided that the subject of my tiktoks should be the one, the only, Biscuit (my dog). Biscuit is the perfect subject because 1)cute factor 2) chill/ easy actor to work with. Definite potential to go viral on tiktok (that is not my goal, but if it happens , it happens).

The next step was to find some ideas. The “For You Page (FYP)” on tiktok has popular videos with trending music or effects. Recently the sound “Bongo cha-cha-cha” has been trending with funny text for different situations. Also, the “text to speech” filter on tik tok has been a fun feature where the words you type are read out by an automated voice. 

I decided to make 2 tiktoks, one using the cha cha song trend, and the other using the text to speech feature. For the cha cha song, I started by filming Biscuit. She is an older dog, so she mainly sleeps all day. Not wanting to interrupt her schedule, I decided to incorporate her sleep/petting routine. I filmed her in three shots. One a full shot of her laying on the floor. Two close up of her face. Three belly rub shots. I had to redo this a couple of times because the camera got too shaky . Sometimes, Biscuit would also stand up or sit up so I would have to redo it ( so unprofessional of her!). I also tried to make sure that the videos flowed into each other nicely. Before it shows me petting her, I zoom into her fur. Then in the shot where I am petting her I zoom out from her fur so that it looks like it was done all in one shot. Luckily (with some treats involved), she managed to pull through and follow directions! 

Bellyrubs for Biscuit Tik Tok

The next tiktok involved the text to speech feature. This took a long time to edit because I had to type everything and then add a filter to the text. After the filter was added to the text I had to “set the duration” of how long and when the text would appear on screen. Overall, I am happy with how it turned out. I wanted to make the text Biscuit’s thoughts. Since she is a dog, her thoughts are all over the place and random. I conveyed this by overlapping some of the texts. I used another trending sound that is comedic.

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  • Wait, do my eyes deceive me? Is this the famous, adorable Biscuit?! I’ve been hearing so much about him on your weekly posts. I love being able to meet him in your videos. They are adorable and wonderfully created. Well done!

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