Bees and Butterflies: Past Portfolio Photography

Past portfolio

Here are some examples of some mindful photos I have taken. I took photography all through high school and  completed an AP portfolio and independent study. My portfolio theme focused on macro photography of nature, the first two photos were included in my final portfolio. I also enjoy using shadows in my photography as you can see in the third photo with the arch. The snowy photo was one of my first semi-macro photographs focusing on a single branch.

I tried to use all of the major concepts of composition (lighting, leading lines, selective focus, foreground/background). I took the pictures on my digital nikon camera and edited them in photoshop. (The shadow arch photo above is the unedited version). These pictures tell stories because they show moments of life ( the bee landing on a flower). Using composition techniques like selective focus helps tell these stories. Focusing on the bee and the butterfly tell their story and make them characters in the story my picture is trying to tell. The bee/butterfly picked that flower to land on, hence focusing on it rather than the others in the background.

I’m excited to take more photos this week and work more with telling stories through photographs.

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