“As you wish.” : Princess Bride Video Essay

For my video essay I thought alot about what movies would be good candidates to analysize. I decided to look at “The Princess Bride” because the editing is great and highlights the satirical nature of the film. Making the video essay was more work than I thought it was going to be. But, it was fun because I really love the movie and enjoy analyzing it through a new lens! I hope you like it!

My Video Essay on Princess Bride


In order to prepare for my analysis, I watched the video essay series by Tony Zhou “Every Frame a Painting”. These videos were really great and helped me understand how to format my video essays and how to analyze the editing process of movies. I took notes on key concepts Zhou explains in his videos. Then, I watched some scenes from The Princess Bride to see if I could find any of the elements Zhou mentioned. 

The Scene

I ended up choosing one the funny “To the Pain!” scene because I thought it had really good cuts and editing techniques that I could talk about.


I wrote a script of what I wanted to say, and edited my video essay in iMovie. I used iMovies many features such as: titles, detach audio, freeze frame, speed, transitions. It took me a while to edit everything how I liked it. I had some difficulty at first moving the clips and the audio clips around. For most of it I voiced over the sound from the clip. But in some parts I left the audio to explain my ideas.

I added other clips from the movie using this youtube video:

I also added iMovie soundtracks in order to create an exciting essay. Wanting to avoid copyright claims I added references and also edited the clips by adding a “blockbuster” iMovie image filter. Overall, I am very happy with how it turned out.

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