“And YOU’RE watching Disney Channel”: Radio Show Bumper

I was really excited to make a new bumper to put in our radio show (Stories of Our Stories). This assignment is an audio assignment called “radio bumper”.

I liked the first radio bumper I made, so I wanted to make the new one similar to it.

We want our radio show to not only tell stories from our childhood, but also have a nostalgic 2000’s feel. Our inspiration for our bumpers, designs, and commercials come from things in our childhood and also Disney channel. We all love old disney channel shows and the design of the old disney channel logo.

Another classic thing about old disney was the bumpers with stars waving the sparkly wand and saying ” I’m ___________ from __________ and you’re watching Disney Channel!”.

Maddy made her bumper first and we all loved it! She used the music that is usually in the background of the bumpers for disney. I decided to put a uke spin on it and play it on my uke while introducing myself and our show!

Take a listen! (Cover logo made by Jordan for our group show!)

my disney channel inspired radio bumper

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