A Suspensful Sound Effect Story

I wanted to create a somewhat scary story for my sound. Here it is:

Imagine you are just getting home from work on a rainy spring day. The birds are chirping, but the thunder and rain have made it very dark outside. You open your creaky door and notice a fire is crackling in your fireplace. That’s weird. You put out the fire last night. Is someone here? The thunder continues and upsets the neighbors dog. But it’s stange, because the dog sounds like he is closer than usual. You try your home phone but no one seems to be answering. You try again. Then, the power goes out. And you are left alone…

How I did it…

I used the free BBC sound effects website to get all of the tracks I used for the assignment.

I used 7 different tracks:


Door creak


2 Phone tracks

Dog barking


The thunder and the fireplace are played for almost the entire time (the fireplace starts when the character walks in). I used the “generate” silence feature in audacity in order to get the tracks to come in at the times I wanted them to. I also used effects to create an atmosphere. For example,at first I amplified the thunder effect to place an emphasis that this is a dangerous storm. I also amplified the footsteps and parts of the dog barking. Amplifying helped emphasize which parts of the story I wanted to highlight. 

Creating this was relatively easy, the only hard part was getting the sounds to line up where I wanted them. 

I think this was really cool and I was also having fun searching different sounds on the BBC website. Also it was nice that on the website there were descriptions for each sound. For example, the sound I used for the footsteps was described as “footsteps walking on pavement”. There were so many sounds to choose from but I am happy with the ones I chose.

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