60’s vibes, logos, posters: Week 6 Summary

This week I was able to create designs and explore more editing tools. I think so far this week has been my favorite because I really enjoy creating color pallets and designs. I have had experience with photoshop in highschool and we would complete similar assignments. This week I was able to challenge myself by learning new design tools (GIMP and CANVA).

I reflected on design components in my “Ferris Bueller Poster Design” thoughts post. 

I had fun finding designs around my house for the “Design Blitz” challenge. 

I completed 3 daily creates and reflected on the experience in my post “Look out for the iceberg!”.

I completed some pretty fun assignments! The first being a “contradiction creation”. I reflected on my process in my post “Skies of Blue on a cloudy day”.

Next, I created a radio show event poster. I tweeted about it and wrote about my process in my post “Radio Show Event Poster Design”.

You might notice that my website now has an icon and logo! I created these designs which I am really proud of: “Eighth Notes and Vines”.

Finally, it seemed like all my design assignments were preparing me for the hardest but most rewarding assignment: creating a poster. My poster uses images of my succulents and has a 60’s vibe that reflects my interests. I thoroughly  analysed and outlined my design in my blog post “Grooovvy: my 60’s & succulent inspired poster”.


I think everyone did a great job on the graphic design assignments this week! It was cool to see different interpretations of the same assignments I did as well as some I didn’t do! Here are some (not all) of the blogs and tweets I commented on this week!

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