3rd times a charm : week 3 reflection

Wow! Another jam packed week down! This week I enhanced my creative writing skills by completing four assignments from the writing assignment bank and daily create assignments. I also helped build the digital ds106 community by commenting and responding to other’s work.

Writing Assignments

After watching the videos (the machine is us and the shape of stories) I tried to tell stories digitally by including links and pictures in my posts. I first used creative writing skills to describe my lunch in a post called “Tomato, tomato: Describing my lunch.”. This was a really fun blog post to write and I felt like I was writing for a magazine! This post was 3.5 stars worth in the assignment bank. 

I also completed the “tell it/tweet it” assignment which was worth 3 stars in a post called “Jonas Brothers concert 9 years apart”. This was a lot of fun to write and then tweet! I enjoyed the challenge of writing a long story and then having to sum it up in a short sentence.I got a few comments on my nonhuman perspectives (3 stars) post “Biscuit stays at home”. Who doesn’t love a good dog story?

My favorite writing assignment that I completed this week was a collaborative project with Rosemary called “Murder on the iMessage Express!”. This project was a “sharing credit” project and we both had a lot of fun with it! It was the last writing assignment I completed totalling my work at 13 stars! Her post was equally entertaining and it was cool to both be the authors of our story!

We also tweeted about our story using GIF’s!

Daily Create Assingments

Throughout the week I also grew creatively by completing daily creates on twitter! I made a post about them and my thoughts called “CAUTION: skies and KOPPEKUИЯ’s”.

Story Analysis Assignment

I explained the story of my profile picture on my twitter account through the story analysis assignment. The story of Madeline is a classic and I looked at different aspects of the story in my analytical post called “In an old house in Paris…”. While creating the blog, I wanted to add different design elements in word press. So I added a header with  an illustration from the book. There were many ways to do this in wordpress but I thought the header looked best all the way across the blog post rather than cropped.

Community Engagement (my comments)

I love the sense of community that this class is building. Throughout the week, I have enjoyed reading posts and tweets and commenting on them! This week I liked seeing just how many different writing assignments there were, and the creative ways students completed them! Here are some of the blog posts and tweets I have commented on this week.

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