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This week went by so slow for me! I don’t know about anyone else – but I am so happy it’s Friday! This week I spent most of my time working on my 10 star “Draw My Life” video for my dog. It was a lot of work but I am happy how it turned out.  I explained […]

Radio Show and more! Week 7 recap

This week my group and I have made exciting advancements in our radio show “Stories of Our Stories”. I honestly love our show idea and design. Everyone has created really cool bumpers and commercials. We are all getting really into the whole disney channel theme of it. Radio Show Progress You can read about the radio show we […]

3rd times a charm : week 3 reflection

Wow! Another jam packed week down! This week I enhanced my creative writing skills by completing four assignments from the writing assignment bank and daily create assignments. I also helped build the digital ds106 community by commenting and responding to other’s work. Writing Assignments After watching the videos (the machine is us and the shape of stories) I […]