Whats Your Story?: My Thoughts

I’d like to build off of Professor Bond’s thoughts and brainstorm some ideas for the class theme of “Whats your story?” for digital studies 106.

My initial thoughts are about my personal story. For projects this semester I would like to focus on things that I am passionate about. I really enjoy playing the ukulele (check out my soundcloud intro post) . It is fun finding new songs that I can learn to play. There are several new hobbies I have picked up throughout quarantine that I also think would be cool to include in “my story”. A quarantine story of the new hobbies I have enjoyed! For instance I have been going on a lot of hikes and walks, doing a lot of baking, and coloring! 

To connect “my story”’ to the class I think it would be cool to compare and contrast hobbies we have picked up during this pandemic. It would also be interesting to document the story of college students during the pandemic on multiple digital platforms. As a class we could all share our experiences (what campus or at home life is like, how zoom classes are going).

I’m open to all the ideas that my classmates will have for the theme and I am excited to get started on our story together!

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